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  • Only our Customers cars will be accepted.
  • Inappropriate items will not be accepted.
  • Please do not use a fake name.
  • Name will only be shown if entered in Caption text.
  • Please type in the caption as plain text.
  • DO NOT use HTML tags or BBcode.
  • Captions should not be an advertisement.
Photo Gallery sample

Q:Why do you need my email address?
A:We may need to contact you if there is a problem with the submission.

Q:Will people be able to see my email address?
A:Only if you put it in the Caption text.

Q:Why do you recommend 800x600 landscape?
A:The Gallery layout restrains images to a height of 800, so image distortions are minimized at that size.

Q:Can you resize my really large photo for me?
A:Yes. Send it to us in email, and don't forget to mention 'please Resize for gallery'. Include in your message the other form info requested above.

Q:Why is the file size limited to 250000 bytes?
A:This size is a good compromise in quality and fits the layout well.

Q:Why would my photo be rejected for size, if the file size is less then the limit of 250000 bytes?
A:Some people have reported this problem. Please send a message to the webmaster and let him know what browser version you're using.

Q:Will you fix my spelling errors?

Q:When will I see my picture added to the Gallery?
A:Should be within 24 hours.

Q:What order are picture put into the gallery?
A:The newest pictures are added to the beginning.

Q:Is it OK for the owner to be in the picture?
A:As long as the Car is the focal point of the picture.

Q:Is it OK to list my Car as 'For Sale'?
A:For now we will not accept those types of Captions. But, we are considering a photo gallery for just that purpose.

Q:How do I change the Caption for my cars picture?
A:Send an e-mail to the webmaster with the new Caption.

Q:How do I change the Photo for my car?
A:Send an e-mail to the webmaster with the new Photo.

Q:Will there ever come a time when you stop accepting submissions or remove existing photos?
A:We'll make that decision when our web space becomes substantially consumed.

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